Science and Impact Strategy


The East Malling Trust Science and Impact Strategy
2024 – 2030


Established in 1913, The East Malling Trust (EMT) is a charitable organisation and company limited by guarantee. Our primary charitable objective is:

“The advancement of science for public benefit, primarily through the support of research and development, particularly in the fields of horticultural and other plant based disciplines.”

Our significant funding has supported science and innovation activity at the East Malling site and the wider UK Horticultural innovation community over many

Delivering impact

Our ambition is to deliver maximum impact from our funding through the following vision and mission.

Our vision is to help unlock innovation and enable the ongoing development of world class internationally relevant research for the benefit of a thriving and resilient horticultural sector in the UK.

Our mission is to support horticultural research and innovation primarily at the East Malling site working with NIAB, other plant and horticulture research communities, industry and funding bodies across the UK.

Our framework for delivery:

Delivery of the EMT Science and Impact strategy will be framed by:

  • A focus on excellence and impact in research, innovation and translation
  • Commitment to supporting horticulture research at the East Malling site An innovation campus which is developed appropriately and remains fit for purpose
  • Support for excellent Knowledge Exchange within and across the sector
  • Collaboration with other funders of horticulture and plant research in the UK
  • Excellence in financial management, maximising
  • EMT funding impact through leveraging and not displacing other funding

Our objectives:

  1. Enable greater coordination and recognition of the ongoing need for world-class science to drive a thriving UK horticultural industry for the benefit of society and the wider economy
  2. Build partnerships across the horticulture industry, research sector, policymakers and funders
  3. Provide support for high-quality research, Knowledge Exchange and skill improvement including through development of the East Malling innovation campus

For questions and comments on this strategy please email:

The East Malling Trust
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East Malling
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